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As a blogger or online entrepreneur, you have probably felt one of the following:

overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done

unclear as to what your next step should be

confused about how to even start your blog

We’ve all been there.

Running your own blog or business can be difficult! And sometimes, you just need another person to help you set your strategies and reach your goals.

That’s where I come in. 

I am online entrepreneur who created her own freelance writing business and launched a successful blog. I made over $5000 in my first six months blogging and currently have a combined social media following of over 10,000.

I’m not a magician. But I make a pretty darn awesome blog consultant.

→ Starting your own blog

→ Creating actionable goals & strategies

→ Increasing your traffic & visibility

→ Getting started with email marketing

→ Developing a social media strategy

→ Launching online products or courses

→ Brainstorming business ideas

→ Preparing to leave your 9 to 5

Keep reading to find out what types of services and packages you can book right now. If you are looking for something specific, please contact me for a custom quote.

VIP Coaching Package: $150

This package includes:

→ a blog audit

custom strategy plan

→  one 60 minute call or online chat session

→ unlimited email support for one month

If you are serious about turning your blog into an online business, this package is for you. I will assess your current blog, develop a strategy plan for you and help you achieve your goals throughout the next several weeks.

Click here to book your VIP coaching package!

Blog Audit: $50 $40 on sale!

If you want a customized analysis of your blog along with personalized tips on how to improve, this blog audit is for you.

Upon receiving your order, I will email you a short questionnaire that will help me determine which areas you would like to improve upon. Then, I will spend a few days reviewing your overall blog design, content, SEO, design and social media.

The audit will include a detailed report of your strengths and weakness. I will provide suggestions as to how you can increase your traffic, online visibility and business income. Your audit will also include a strategy plan checklist, which will help you determine which areas of your blog to work on first.

After receiving the audit, you can ask me any related questions you have via email. Please note that this blog audit does not include unlimited email support, coaching chats or calls.

Click here to book your blog audit!

Coaching Call or Chat: $50 for 1 hour

If you need someone to help you create a game plan for your blog, tweak your strategies or just bounce ideas with, you need a coaching session.

Our coaching session can take place via audio call, video call or as a chat session over Skype or Messenger. It can be scheduled to any time that suits your needs.

Upon receiving your order, I will email you a short questionnaire that will help me determine which areas you would like to improve upon. Then, I will spend a few days creating a strategy plan for you.

During our session, we will talk about the strategy and how it will help improve your business. We will discuss what goals you should focus on for the month. And you are welcome to ask me any questions related to your blog or business.

Click here to book your coaching session!

Freelance Writing: $25 per 250 words

If writing isn’t your strong suit or you are struggling to come up with blog post topics, you need to hire me as your freelance writer!

I run my own freelance writing business online and have worked on over 800 projects during the last three years. I can create various types of content for you including blog posts, website articles, emails and press releases.

The content will be properly formatted and ready to publish. However, please note that keywords, images and fast delivery times are at an extra cost.

Investment is $25 per 250 words of content. 

Please contact me using the form below for more information.

December 28, 2017