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Prague on a Budget: The $100 Weekend

No, that title isn’t a typo.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Prague several times and each time I go I always discover new places to see, stay and eat. So, I’ve rounded up my budget recommendations into the ultimate weekend getaway – all for under $100.

This amount includes accommodation, food, local sights and delicious Czech beer. Oh, and did I mention it will cover the cost of two people? So if you’re traveling solo, you might spend even less!

Start saving your pocket change people and get ready for…

The $100 Weekend In Prague

Charles Bridge Prague

All prices are quoted in US dollars. Also, please note that this post contains affiliate links. To find out more information, please read my disclaimer. If you have any questions, please contact me.

The Best Budget Accommodation in Prague

You’ll need a home base for your weekend in Prague and lucky for you, the city is FULL of cheap hotels and budget accommodation.

A great home base in Prague is the Royal Court Hotel, which is also arguably one of the best Airbnbs in Prague. The rates (starting at $25 per night for two people!) include breakfast, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a private bathroom. Oh, and there’s free beer on Fridays – welcome to Prague. 

Another great option on Airbnb is this studio apartment, which you have all to yourself. This is the perfect place if want more privacy and like to cook at home!

If you haven’t tried or signed up for Airbnb yet, you totally should. Not only is it usually cheaper than staying in a hotel, but it provides you more of an authentic and local experience. If you sign up using my Airbnb link, you can get up to $50 off your first booking! The value of the sign up promo changes all the time but it’s usually somewhere between $25-$50.

If Airbnb isn’t your thing, no worries. You can look up Prague hotels on Here, you can sort everything by price, review score and distance to the city centre. And the best part is that most bookings through the site have free cancellation! Which let’s you take advantage of early booking deals without the full commitment.

If you use my referral link, you can get $25 off your reservation! It’s all about the savings, baby. For options around or under $20 a night, check out the private rooms at Hostel Seven or the dorm beds at Little Quarter Hostel.

If you don’t mind spending more on your hotel or maybe don’t want to include it in your $100 budget, then I totally recommend the pentahotel and Hotel U Medviku. I’ve stayed at both of these hotels myself and only have good things to say! 

Public Transportation in Prague

getting around prague

Prague is a very tourist-friendly place. The entire city is well-connected by public transportation, which consists of the metro, trams, buses, a funicular, and trains. If you’re staying in the city center, you should only need to use the metro and trams to get around.

Cost of public transportation in Prague:

  • Single 90-minute ticket: 32CZK or $1.39
  • Single 30-minute ticket: 24CZK or $1.00
  • 24 Hour Pass: 110CZK or $4.70
  • 72 Hour Pass: 310CZK or $13.25

Tickets can be purchased at metro stations, newsstands and the ticket machines located at various tram stops. Please remember to validate your tickets at the orange machines on trams, buses and at the top of the escalators in the metro. There are undercover police checking tickets often and they love to catch tourists with unvalidated tickets.

Whatever you do, please do NOT take any taxis in Prague. There is a big problem in the city with taxi drivers scamming tourists (and locals) by overcharging them a lot. I wrote about a similar experience I had in Gdansk in this post.

Instead, you should take an Uber. They are readily available throughout Prague and quite cheap. I spent almost a month in Prague last year and I would take an Uber anytime I had to do a big grocery haul. In a lot of cases, Uber can save you money in comparison to other forms of transportation. Also, if you sign up using my Uber referral link, you can get your first Uber ride for free!

And if you feel like taking an alternative form of transportation, you should go for a tour of Prague on an e-scooter! It’s the latest trend in the city and quickly overshadowing the ever-so-popular Segway tours.

The Cheap Eats in Prague

Prague Old Town Square

If you want to find the cheapest places to eat in Prague, the trick is to think like a local.

Skip the big name restaurants and avoid places with English menus outside. Instead, you should visit local-run establishments serving up fresh Czech food. I’ve rounded up some of the best places where you can get a meal in Prague for under 100CZK (100CZK = $4.20) below.

If you know of any other places that should be added to the list, please let me know!

  • Restaurant Praha: This non-stop, self-service restaurant is located in the public arrival hall of Terminal 1 at the Prague Airport. Yes, seriously. You can enjoy one of the ten daily menu dishes with a drink for under 100CZK. Most locals don’t even know about this place.
  • Jidelna Svetozor: Despite being steps away from Wenceles Square, this restaurant is in the basement of a small shopping centre and is quite literally a hidden gem. The daily menu is only in Czech, so it can be a little tricky for tourists. Just use Google Translate or ask the friendly ladies behind the counter for help. A main course, drink and small dessert will cost you 90CZK ($3.85). This is a great lunch option, as it closes at 3:00PM.
  • Ovocny Svetozor: Oh man, I’m drooling just thinking about this place. Fresh open-faced sandwiches, enormous pieces of cake AND delicious ice cream? Brb. Hopping on a train to Prague. Seriously, this is one of my favourite cheap eats in Prague. They have a few different locations but there is one right beside Jidelna Svetozor. The sandwiches cost around 25-30CZK ($1.00-$1.30) each, so you can get FOUR for under 100CZK. Budget Tip: Get your food to go, walk 10 steps to the Franciscan Gardens and eat in the park, which happens to have free water fountains.
  • Havelska Koruna: Anytime someone tells me they’re going to Prague, I always suggest they go eat at Havelska. This cafeteria-style restaurant has an abundance of local Czech dishes, salads and desserts. Grab a card when you walk in, the servers will write down what you take and you pay for everything when you leave. Almost all of the main dishes cost under 100CZK and a half-litre of beer will run you around 36CZK ($1.50).

Free Things to Do in Prague

view of prague from castle

Honestly, Prague is filled with so many free attractions and sights, that you can’t possibly see them all in one weekend. So, here are the things you shouldn’t miss in Prague, that are also completely free:

  • Old Town Square: I mean, no visit to Prague is complete until you’ve visited the old town square and thoroughly explored the old town streets. Catch one of the hourly shows at the Astronomical Clock and don’t forget to look up at all the beautiful buildings!
  • Charles Bridge: I’ll be the first to admit that walking across the Charles Bridge can be easier said than done, especially in the summertime. This place is usually packed! But of course, this is a must-see in Prague. Enjoy the views over the Vltava River and beware of scam artists.
  • Wallenstein Gardens: Right beside the Malostranska metro station is this beautiful 17th-century garden. Complete with fountains, baroque statues, and albino peacocks!
  • Prague Castle: While tours inside the Prague Castle are expensive, you can walk around the massive castle grounds for free! Admire the cathedral, gawk at the amazing views of the city and catch the changing of the guard. If you want to go inside the castle, make sure you get a Skip-the-Line admission ticket or do a guided walking tour.
  • Deer Moat: Right next to the Castle is this beautiful ravine, which used to be a means of defense. There are no deer left in the park today, but you might be able to see some cute squirrels instead. Also, be sure to walk through the cool pedestrian tunnel – unless you’re claustrophobic.
  • Novy Svet: Known in English as the “New World”, this cute cobblestoned street looks like something out of a fairytale. There are hardly ever any tourists around and it’s the perfect place for some photo ops!
  • Petrin Hill: One of my favourite places to go on a hot summer day! This park is the perfect place for a picnic and offers beautiful views of the city. When you make it to the top, be sure to wander through the small botanical garden. There is also a funicular on Petrin Hill and it’s part of the public transportation system. So, you can ride it using a regular transport ticket or by showing your day pass.
  • Vysehrad Castle: Although it’s located slightly outside of the city center, this ancient castle complex should not be missed. In comparison to Prague castle, this place is practically empty. I’m not sure why. It has beautiful panoramic views of the city and a really cool cemetery.
  • Free Walking Tour: If you’re new to the city and want to learn more about all of the sights, you should join a free walking tour in Prague. There are many to choose from but my personal favourite is the New Europe Prague Tour. It runs nine times every day and starts in the Old Town Square. Or if you’re feeling fancy, you can opt for a Full-Day Prague tour that includes entry to the castle, a river cruise and free lunch!

Old Town Square Prague


  • Hotel with breakfast: $25 per night = $50
  • 24 Public Transport Pass: $4.70 per person = $9.40
  • 4 Lunches: $2 per person, per day = $8.50
  • 4 Dinners: $5 per person, per day = $20
  • 10 Attractions: $0 = Free


So, there you have it, folks! The ultimate weekend in Prague for under $100. And you STILL have money left over for some extra beer, ice cream and maybe even a souvenir.

If you go to Prague after reading this guide, take a photo and tag me in it on Instagram (@explorewithmaya) – and I’ll share it too!

Have you been to Prague?

Let me know some of your recommendations for Prague on a budget in the comments and I will add them to this guide!



  • Amália

    I have been in Prague before and this list looks really easy to follow! Will guide myself with this next time. X

    June 7, 2017 at 08:41 Reply
    • Maya

      Prague definitely isn’t as cheap as it used to be. But it’s still possible to visit Prague without spending too much money!

      June 7, 2017 at 08:43 Reply
  • Shannon

    I would have never thought you could do a trip on such a low budget, thanks for sharing this!

    June 7, 2017 at 17:33 Reply
    • Maya

      It’s crazy how far $100 can go in Prague, that’s for sure!

      June 8, 2017 at 05:10 Reply
  • Shannon

    This has to be the best post I’ve seen on Prague yet!!!

    June 7, 2017 at 23:20 Reply
    • Maya

      Thanks Shannon!

      June 8, 2017 at 05:09 Reply
  • Rachel (LittleChefBigAppetite)

    We visited Prague in March and LOVED it! I also loved how inexpensive everything was compared to Los Angeles.

    June 8, 2017 at 14:36 Reply
  • Prerna Garg

    Your list is perfect for anyone traveling to Prague. It may not be a weekend getaway or budget travel for me when I travel to Prague, but I am saving your post as the best reference for my visit!

    June 8, 2017 at 20:01 Reply
    • Maya

      Thanks Prerna! You should definitely try out some of the restaurants. Cheap and delicious!

      June 9, 2017 at 06:45 Reply
  • Krystin

    Omg, this place is on my travel bucket list this summer, thanks so much for sharing this!


    June 8, 2017 at 21:05 Reply
  • Karen/The Curate Collaborative

    Love love love Prague! Such a gorgeous city. Cannot wait to go back, it’s been over 10 years!

    June 9, 2017 at 05:03 Reply
    • Maya

      10 years?! I think you are overdue for another visit!

      June 9, 2017 at 06:45 Reply
  • Lain

    I studied abroad in Prague a couple summers ago. That place is an affordable fairytale! My favorite cafe is actually really close Vysehrad (where I had my classes!), and it’s called Kavárna Čekárna. Delicious pastries and coffee, and they have a gorgeous backyard garden patio. Many of the staff working when I went were students themselves who spoke English and were extremely friendly. Worth checking out if you’re in the Vysehrad area – it’s at the foot of the long winding hill up to the area you mentioned!

    August 5, 2017 at 19:49 Reply
    • Maya

      Thanks Lain! That’s an awesome tip. I’ll check that cafe out the next time I’m there! 🙂

      August 6, 2017 at 12:54 Reply

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