Breakfast at the Cannon Coffee in Hamilton

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Earlier this week, I had the chance to visit Cannon Coffee Co. for breakfast.

And let me start off by saying: it was delicious.

Since launching back in 2011, the Cannon has become known as one of the best places for breakfast in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

As it turns out, I’ve been missing out on some wonderful waffles (and potentially a great workspace) for the past seven years.

Cannon Coffee Co. has a great atmosphere. It’s welcoming and bright, with huge windows overlooking Ottawa and well, Cannon Street. But it’s also intimate and cozy, with minimal wooden decor.

It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee in the morning and catch up on emails. Or, to meet up with a group of friends for lunch.

It’s all in the details. 

The thing about the Cannon, is that they care about the little details.

From the little syrup jar to the self-serve water station in the back of the shop, it seems that everything has been carefully thought out.

You can find a variety of local products in the shop. Like, fresh donuts from Donut Monster on Locke Street! If you’re ordering a sandwich, you’ll even be provided with three different types of Dawson’s Hot Sauce – which is kind of a big thing in Hamilton.

Although I didn’t actually try any coffee during my recent visit (I already had two coffees that morning, okay?!) I noticed that they carried a bunch of cool brands like Detour, Phil & Sebastian and Rosso. And I was definitely eyeing their fancy Chemex pour over coffee equipment.

The moment of truth. 

Okay, so the atmosphere is pretty chill and they offer up a bunch of cool products, but you probably want to know how the food actually tasted. And we’re getting there, I promise.

But first, let me show you what the food looked like.

Those are my waffles. Stop drooling.

I went with the Classic Waffles. Which, as of January 2018 cost $5.95 plus tax.

Considering the fact that this comes with pure maple syrup and one gigantic waffle, I’d say the value is pretty good.

With a light sprinkling of icing sugar on top, the flavour of the waffle was really nice. It was a bit dry for my taste, but I’m sure that I could of just asked for some extra syrup.

My friend went with a Classic Waffle Sandwich. It’s a cheddar cheese waffle sandwich with egg and tomato. As you can imagine, it was pretty damn good.

The Verdict.

Both of these waffle dishes made for a satisfying breakfast on a cold January morning. Each were unique in their own way and stood out in appeal.

Oh, and all of the dishes seem to come out Instagram-ready, which is always a plus!

In summary, the Cannon is definitely one of the best places for breakfast in Hamilton. So, the next time you’re looking for a quite bite to eat or a warm cup of joe, make sure you stop by.

And me?

I will most definitely be going back. Maybe I’ll wait until the weather is a bit warmer and ride a SoBi bike down Cannon from downtown!

But let’s be honest. I’ll be back next week to get my waffle fix.


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