The Hotel Galaxy in Timisoara, Romania

During my one night in Timisoara, I chose to stay at the Hotel Galaxy mainly because it received excellent reviews online. I was not disappointed.

On Tripadvisor, the Hotel Galaxy is rated as the second best hotel in Timisoara. The top rated hotel is Boutique Fleurs de Temps, a family-run B&B with only three rooms. For me, the decision was a no-brainer.

Hotel Galaxy had free parking and breakfast included. The fact that it was very reasonably priced at only $38 for a double room was a bonus.

Upon arrival, I was a little put off by the location of the hotel, which is situated next to a gas station, across the street from a garage and down the street from some industrial businesses. After catching a glimpse of the restaurant and lobby as I turned my car into the parking lot, I quickly realized that I made a good decision in choosing this hotel.

As I walked into the Hotel Galaxy lobby, I was pleased with the modern design and fresh look. The hotel opened in early 2014 and it still looked brand new. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who quickly checked me in for my stay. After she handed me my room key, I headed to the elevator and made my way to the third floor.

I kind of love the moment of suspense you get when checking into a hotel. You’ve finally made it to your destination and now there’s no turning back. You are handed a key to your home for the night (or several) and you never really know what’s going to be on the other side of the door! The pictures online never do the room justice. You really need to be there to experience it.


I am happy to report that when I opened the door to my room at the Hotel Galaxy, I was pleasantly surprised. It was modern, like really modern for Romania. I loved the elegant design of the room, with dark furnishings and an all-glass bathroom. The first thing I tested out was the bed, which had a firm mattress and soft pillows.

Although there was a desk in the room, which also served as the television stand and table, it wasn’t very suited for working. There was no chair at the desk and even though there was a seating area, those chairs wouldn’t actually fit at the desk properly. I wasn’t planning on doing any work during my stay but I would imagine that this could be off-putting for a business traveler.

The room was also equipped with a flat screen satellite television, a safety deposit box, underfloor heating and air conditioning. The room also had a balcony which was a decent size and I would imagine is perfect for smokers. The view was less than desirable but I didn’t come to Timisoara to spend time on the balcony anyway!

I find that hotel bathrooms can be very iffy. Oftentimes, I find myself in a bathroom with a huge drain on the floor and caked-on grime in the shower corners. In the Hotel Galaxy, the bathroom was pristine. It was impeccably clean, had a large rainfall shower, and a wall-mounted make-up mirror – is that what they are called? That’s all I use that mirror for anyway.

Despite reading online reviews that the breakfast at Hotel Galaxy left much to be desired, I actually quite enjoyed it. The breakfast was served in the spacious hotel restaurant on the ground floor. I arrived just after 8:00 AM and found that I was the only person present. There was a large variety of food options including eggs, sliced meats, cheese, fruit, cereal, and pastries. I had the option to serve myself tea, water or juice. And the young woman working in the restaurant was able to make fresh espressos.

Overall, I had a very comfortable night’s sleep at the Hotel Galaxy in Timisoara. It is located approximately 3km outside of the city centre so I would not recommend it to anyone who wasn’t coming to the city by car. Other than that, the hotel was perfect and I wouldn’t dream of staying anywhere else in Timisoara!


Amenities: 5/5

Check In/Check Out: 5/5

Cleanliness: 5/5

Location: 3/5

Rooms: 5/5

Value: 5/5


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