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The 13+ Best Things to Do in Mont Tremblant

For the last 50 years, Mont Tremblant has remained one of Canada’s most famous destinations for outdoor sports and tourism. And that’s really no surprise.

Being in Mont Tremblant is like living in a postcard! Complete with cobblestone streets and snow-covered mountain peaks. Delicious eats and lakeside retreats. You get the idea.

It’s the ideal weekend getaway from Montreal or Ottawa as it’s less than a two-hour drive from either city.

Best of all, it’s a FOUR season destination. You don’t have to ski or love winter to visit, because I can guarantee that Mont Tremblant has something for everyone.

In this guide, I will go over the BEST things to do in Mont Tremblant, including where to stay and where to eat. So charge your phone and dig out your coziest socks, we’re about to plan a trip to Tremblant.

things to do mont tremblant

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Where to STAY in Mont Tremblant

There are thousands of places to stay in Mont Tremblant. Rather than overwhelm you with options, let me tell you about my FAVOURITE place to stay in Mont Tremblant: Le Grand Lodge.

This cozy lakeside lodge is located just 5 minutes away from the Tremblant pedestrian village. Shuttle service included in the winter. It’s quiet, relaxing and the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

where to stay in mont tremblant

The best part about the lodge is that you have a private BEACH on the sandy shores of Lac Ouimet. It’s one of the only hotels in Mont Tremblant with a beach. You can rent a kayak, canoe, or pedalboat free of charge.

In the winter, you can go swimming in the indoor pool or one of the hot tubs. But whatever you do, promise me that you will treat yourself to an anti-stress massage treatment at Helene Mouton, the on-site spa. Your shoulders will thank you!

During our visit, my boyfriend and I stayed in the Large Suite which has sweeping views of Lac Ouimet and the surrounding mountains. There’s also a really cozy fireplace inside and a full kitchen, to make hot chocolate of course. The room is huge and could easily fit a family of four.

review le grand lodge mont tremblantbest view mont tremblant

Before you book, check out their packages for some extra perks! We went with a breakfast & dinner package at the on-site restaurant. The food here is amazing. Get the waffles. Get the nachos. Worry about the calories some other time.

Overall, we found that Le Grand Lodge offers INCREDIBLE value in comparison to other hotels in Mont Tremblant. Prices start around $100 a night, which is honestly a steal when you factor in all of the amenities that are included. We will absolutely stay here again when we come back to Mont Tremblant.

The BEST Things to Do in Mont Tremblant

Should you manage to peel yourself away from the cozy fireplace or lakeshore at your hotel, get out and EXPLORE the area. There are so many amazing things to do in Mont Tremblant. Here are some ideas for your next visit:

1. Walk the Village

One thing that I didn’t realize before visiting is that there are two versions of Mont Tremblant. The actual town of Mont Tremblant with big box stores and “city” amenities. And the Tremblant pedestrian village, which is likely the reason for your visit. It was the highlight of my trip for sure!

You can easily spend an hour or two just wandering the cobblestone streets, watching the people go by and ducking into some of the shops. There are plenty of places to eat, drink and buy expensive sportswear.

From Le Grand Lodge, you can take the free shuttle to the village or drive and park in one of the free parking lots (P1, P2 or P6). If you’re staying at an apartment rental (there are tons of chalets & condos on Airbnb) then you will be right in the action.

buildings mont tremblantski village quebec

2. Eat a Beaver Tail

Is there anything more delicious than a hot beaver tail covered in melted chocolate? The answer is no. Lucky for you, there are TWO Beaver Tails locations in the Tremblant Village, so if there is a line up at one you can just head to the other.

If you have never had a beaver tail before, these are a Canadian staple and you have to try one! Don’t worry, it’s a piece of fried dough and not an actual beaver tail. Although it’s origins can be traced back to when aboriginals cooked actual beaver tails over the fire.

beaver tails tremblant

3. Visit the Deer at the Chapel

In the summer months, you can often find a small herd of deer at the Chapelle Saint-Bernard at the base of the village. Most of them are quite friendly and you can feed them from your hand or take a selfie with one! Although we didn’t find any deer during the day at the chapel, we did find the herd in the parking lot at night. Just be patient, and hopefully, you will get to meet them too.

4. Take a Cruise on Lac Tremblant

I never thought of Mont Tremblant as a “lake” destination, but it really is! You can even take a panoramic tourist cruise around the lake to learn a bit about the region’s history and admire the views of the surrounding Laurentian mountains. The boat is called the Grand Manitou II and they offer departures all throughout the summer.

You can still enjoy Lac Tremblant without taking a cruise of course! Just steps away from the base of the Tremblant village (across the road from the Chapelle Saint-Bernard) you can find a nice viewing dock of the lake.

Heading west out of the village, you can drive along the “Chemin du Village” to get an even better view of the lake and the village in the distance. There’s a nice little walking path along the water that you can take across the bridge to the “Belvédère des Chutes”. From here, you can also catch a glimpse of the small Mont Tremblant waterfall.

cruise lac tremblant

5. Ride the Skyline Luge

A fun summer activity in the village is the Skyline Luge! One of the most unique things to do in Mont Tremblant for sure. It’s kind of like a mix between a go-cart and a toboggan. You take a chairlift to the mid-point of the mountain and then ride down as fast (or slow) as you want!

It’s perfectly safe for kids and you will definitely want to get the 3-ride ticket. As they say, once is never enough!

6. Take the Cabriolet Lift

This is a standing cable car lift that takes you from the beginning/bottom of the village to the base of the Panoramic Gondola. It offers a really cool view of the village below and the best part is that it’s completely FREE. Open every day from 10 am until 5 pm.

7. Take the Panoramic Gondola

No visit to Mont Tremblant is complete without a visit to well, Mont Tremblant! Take the Panoramic Gondola to the summit of Tremblant and admire the 360° view of the surrounding Laurentian mountains and valleys. There is an observation tower, plenty of hiking trails and a facilities centre with food and bathrooms.

We took the gondola during our visit at the beginning of October and were met with a snowstorm a the top of the mountain. Good thing we came prepared, but I saw more than one person in shorts.

And in the winter, you can bring your snowshoes up! It’s possible to rent them down in the village, but honestly, it’s almost the same price to just buy your own snowshoe kit. I bought this one from Amazon last year and it’s held up really well. It’s a must-have accessory for any winter trip to Mont Tremblant. The mountain has some amazing trails.

cable car tremblanttop of tremblant

8. Ski the Famous Slopes

From November to April, you can come ski at Mont Tremblant, one of the world’s BEST skiing destinations. They offer equipment rentals, skiing lessons and a variety of different tickets. I recommend opting for the “First Tracks” ticket which means you get to enjoy the fresh snow and be one of the first people to ski down the slope.

We saw a number of triple & quadruple black diamond slopes at the top of Tremblant, but there are also plenty of hills for beginners too! So don’t feel bad if you’re not an expert yet. This is the perfect place to learn.

And don’t take my word for it. Check out what Ski Mag has to say about the skiing conditions at Tremblant.

9. Visit the Mont Tremblant National Park

The Mont Tremblant National Park is one of North America’s most beautiful and historic parks. It was actually the FIRST provincial park in Quebec and sixth in North America. No visit to Mont Tremblant is complete without a visit to the park itself.

There is an endless amount of activities and things to do in Mont Tremblant National Park. You have your usual activities like hiking, canoeing and mountain biking. In the winter, you can go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. You can stay overnight at one of their campsites, huts or yurts.

And if you’re feeling EXTRA adventurous, you can try out the Via Ferrata Mont Tremblant. It’s like a cross between hiking and mountain climbing. You’ll hike along the rock face of the La Diable mountain and be treated to some amazing views of the river below. They offer a few different excursions, to suit both beginners and those with experience.

You can find more information about the activities, fees and equipment rentals here.

mont tremblant national parkthings to do mont tremblant

10. Take a Night Hike at Tonga Lumina

In the summer, you can take an illuminated night walk through the forest at Tonga Lumina. It’s a 1.5km trail starting at the base of the mountain with various displays and light shows.

11. Go Dogsledding

Just minutes away from the Tremblant village, you can find yourself gliding through the valleys and forests of the Laurentian mountains led by your own pack of sled dogs!

Expedition Wolf offers sled rides for beginners, where you can learn about the sport, help harness up your dogs and head into the woods for an adventure. The nice thing about dogsledding is that you don’t travel too fast, so you can actually enjoy the scenery around you. Plus, it comes with hot chocolate.

This is a Canadian bucket list activity for sure and one that I have yet to try myself! So, I might have to plan a trip back to Mont Tremblant in the winter…

12. Take a Helicopter Ride

What better way to experience the beauty of Mont Tremblant than from the sky above? You can book a helicopter flight in Mont Tremblant to enjoy the beautiful scenery, see the scope of the Laurentian Mountains and et some incredible Instagram shots. Don’t forget to bring your own selfie stick so that you can get some photos of yourself in it too!

Prices can be kind of expensive, but if you’re lucky you might be able to score some kind of attractions passport that includes a helicopter ride in addition to some other activities. Mind you, I’ve only seen these in the summer!

things to do mont tremblant

13. Relax at the Spa

Like any good ski town, Mont Tremblant is also home to a number of world-class spas. The most famous of the bunch is arguable the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant, which is known for its unique Scandanavian treatments. You can relax outside in one of the hot baths or head indoors for a sauna session and a relaxing massage.

You can use WaySpa gift certificates here, so if you are a Costco member I highly recommend picking up one of their gift cards to save some money. At the time of writing a $100 gift certificate is only $75 on the Costco Canada website.

Also, think about booking a hotel that offers their own spa or massages on-site to save yourself the trip. We stayed at Le Grand Lodge Mont Tremblant, which has an outdoor hot tub and a small indoor massage therapy spa.

14. Have a Coffee at Couleur Café

As I mentioned before, there are technically two versions of Mont Tremblant; the tourist village and the actual town. If you have the time, be sure to visit the actual town of Mont Tremblant as there are a number of small businesses and restaurants that should not be missed.

One of my favourites is the Couleur Café on Rue Léonard. It’s an artisanal coffee shop with a couple of locations in the Laurentian Mountains. They pride themselves on having the BEST coffee in the region so be sure to check it out. I highly recommend picking up one of their cappuccinos and breakfast sandwiches.

If the weather is nice, take it to go and walk along the ravine across the street at the Passerelle du Ruisseau Clair.

15. Visit a Covered Bridge

There are no shortages of remote, red-covered bridges in the province of Quebec. So coming from Ontario where we only have ONE in the entire province, it’s kind of a special thing for me! There is a beautiful covered bridge just outside of Mont Tremblant called the Pont Prud’homme (I just added the location to Google Maps to make it easier to find).

Pont Prud’homme bridge is over a century old and it’s named after one of the area’s first pioneer families. The descendants of the family still live across the bridge to this day! It’s a great place to have an impromptu photoshoot or stop for a picnic at the small parking lot right next to it.

covered bridges quebec

Ready to Plan YOUR Trip to Quebec?

I hope this guide gave you some inspiration for your upcoming visit to Mont Tremblant. If you have any questions, thoughts or want to add something to the list of things to do in Mont Tremblant, please leave a comment below. We can use this as a community resource for fun things to do in the area.

If hotels aren’t your thing, consider booking an Airbnb rental in Mont Tremblant instead. By signing up for Airbnb through my link, you can get up to $75 off your first stay AND $25 off your first Airbnb experience.

And the fun doesn’t stop in Tremblant! There are so many AMAZING places to visit in Quebec. Why not extend your trip and visit some other places in the province? Check out these other guides:


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