Let Go and Experience Québec

Routine plays a major role in our lives.

We plug in to our devices, follow the rules of society and try to stay within the lines.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more opportunities to just let go and enjoy the world happening around you?

Because that’s the concept behind the new Let Go video from QuébecOriginal, the official tourist organization of the Gouvernement du Québec – and it’s totally something I stand behind!

In the new video, a group of five influencers travel to Québec and totally let go of their normal routines. Leaving behind technology, social media, schedules and rules, the group embarks on some amazing, once in a lifetime experiences.

They let go and let Québec take over. As a result, they are able to fully immerse themselves in the culture and landscapes that the province has to offer!

Or, watch the video on Youtube here.

Try to notice all of the little details, like the artistic cinematography and beautiful music – all of which was created by local Québecois artist Geoffroy.

You might even recognize some of the influencers!

Keep your eyes peeled for Jess Dales, Alan Estrada, Benjamin Prescott, Jean Imbert and one of my personal favourite bloggers, Kiersten Rich from The Blonde Abroad.

If you’re anything like me, after watching that video, you’re probably just itching to explore Québec and let go of your daily routines!

The good news is that you don’t have to be an influencer in order to do either of those things. QuébecOriginal has made it easy for people like you and me to experience the best of what Québec has to offer!

Unique Experiences in Québec

While Québec might seem out of this world, chances are the province is a lot closer than you think!

Montréal is easily accessible from several major cities including Toronto, Detroit, Boston and New York City. It also happens to be the jumping off point for a lot of these unique experiences in Québec. As someone who lives in Southern Ontario, I’m fortunate enough to be only an afternoon drive’s away from the province! And over the last few years, I’ve been able to experience some pretty cool things like…

Whale Watching in the Gaspé Peninsula

things to do in quebec

From May to October, there are over 13 kinds of whales roaming in the St. Lawrence River. So, head out to the water’s edge and try and spot some for yourself!

At the end of my east coast Canada road trip last summer, my boyfriend and I made the trip up to the Gaspésie. We spent 3 nights in Percé, a small city on the tip of the peninsula. Our hotel had a panoramic view of the ocean and we were able to spot whale spouts and seals from the balcony! It was an incredible experience.

Although you don’t have to travel all the way to the Gaspé to find whales in Québec, it’s worth the extra distance. This area is full of beautiful scenery and rich wildlife. Make sure you check out the famous Gaspé National Park and Percé rock.

Let go… of your devices. Don’t be afraid to disconnect for the day and be more in tune with nature! 

Reliving History in Québec City 

quebec city at christmas

Founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608, Québec City is one of the oldest settlements in Canada. It also happens to be one of the only cities in North America with fortified city walls that are still intact! So, it’s no surprise that the Historic District of Old Québec has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I spent a few days visiting Québec City before Christmas last year and couldn’t have picked a better time to visit! The streets had a light dusting of snow and the shops were full of extravagant holiday displays. I even got to enjoy some fresh maple syrup poured on the snow – doesn’t get more Canadian than that!

Take a trip out to Québec City and experience the European vibes, beautiful architecture and deep-rooted history for yourself. If you can, try planning your trip to coincide with one of their great summer festivals!

Let go… of time. Allow yourself to be transported back in history instead!

Tasting Local Cuisine in Downtown Montréal

things to do in montreal

Montréal is like a melting pot of cultures. It’s where you can expect to find amazing types food, heartwarming people, unique pieces of art and a vibrant nightlife scene.

I’ve been to Montréal several times and it’s truly one of those places you can’t get tired of. Each visit brings on a new experience! One of my favourite things to do in Montréal is indulge in the local cuisine. The city is full of delicious bakeries, cozy cafes, historic delis and Parisian-like food markets. And nothing beats a late-night stop for some fresh poutine on your way back home from the bar!

If you want to explore as much of Montréal as possible, give yourself at least 3 nights in the city. Save yourself from having to worry about parking your car by taking the bus or train instead! There are plenty of daily connections from Toronto and Ottawa.

Let go… of the rules. Be open to embracing different cultures and sampling new cuisines. 

What’s the Takeaway?

Don’t be afraid to let go of your routine. It will make you feel more connected to the world around you!

Watch the Let Go video for inspiration on how to make use of your time in Québec. With or without rules and technology, there are some amazing experiences to be had! And now is the time for you to go and see it for yourself!

For help planning your next travel getaway, be sure to visit QuébecOriginal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. and read more about the experiences that are shown in the video.

You might be surprised to see what the province has in store for you!

What are your thoughts on the video? Would you let go of normal to experience something new?

Leave your answers in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Discover some unique experiences in Quebec by watching the new video from QuébecOriginal, which will inspire you to unplug and enjoy the world around you! #QuebecOriginal

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of QuébecOriginal. All text and opinions are my own.


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  • Louise

    Looks like you had an amazing trip 😍

    March 13, 2018 at 18:10 Reply
    • Maya

      Absolutely! It’s such a beautiful part of Canada!

      March 14, 2018 at 12:01 Reply
  • Asha

    LOVE this post, and that video!! Can we talk about how AMAZING the cinematography was and how it fit so well with the music?! Geoffroy did an amazing job putting it together and I would literally watch that 3 minute video in a movie theater on repeat any day!

    Also I love that this is all about letting go. It can be SO hard to take a step back and relax and just be present in the moment. But when we do, there’s so much beauty and gentleness and amazaingness to be seen! Thanks, as always, for sharing Maya!

    March 13, 2018 at 19:30 Reply
  • Seppy

    I totally missed this blogpost! HOW FUN! I love that Quebec is featuring bloggers to promote our beautiful province..!

    I’m so grateful to live in Montreal (despite some downfalls haha nothing is perfect I guess!) but I haven’t explored enough… OOPS. I’ve been to Quebec City a long time ago but I need to go back!! I’ve done a whale watching trip with school and it was AMAZING.

    Seppy |

    March 31, 2018 at 01:35 Reply
    • Maya

      Thanks for reading Seppy! 🙂

      Montreal is one of my favourite cities in the world. You are so lucky to live there! And definitely try to get out and explore more of your beautiful province this summer!

      April 6, 2018 at 11:34 Reply

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