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How I Made $853 In My Fourth Month Blogging

I started this blog in the beginning of June.

And if someone told me that I was going to make $2,544 in my first fourth months blogging, I probably wouldn’t believe them. Because four months ago, I had no idea that you could make this kind of money from a brand new blog!

I made $853 blogging in September. And, I am so proud to say that my blog is now my second biggest source of income, next to freelance writing!

Sometimes I can’t help but ask myself: why didn’t I start blogging sooner?

Seriously, don’t let that be you! If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, now is the time to do it! Open up my how to start a successful blog tutorial in a new tab, sign up for my free course below and keep reading to find out how you can make money from the start!

The month of September mostly consisted of me driving across Canada with little free time and even less reliable internet access. As a result, I only spent a few hours per week working on my blog. And I only posted three pieces of new content!

That goes to show the power of passive income. And let me just say, it feels pretty darn awesome my friends!

But, enough chit-chat.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

Here is a breakdown of my achievements, blog traffic, income, expenses and future goals!


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This post contains affiliate links, to find out more information, please read my disclaimer. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

September Achievements

1. Social Media Growth: I’ve been traveling for most of August and September and as a result, I haven’t spent as much time on social media as I would have liked. In fact, I barely even touched my Twitter all month! But, I still saw some impressive growth on social media channels last month. 

2. Meaningful Connections: Thanks to my very own Facebook group, The Blog Nest, I was able to meet and become friends with some amazing bloggers! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that I created such an engaged and friendly little community. In September, The Blog Nest grew from 95 members to 194! And I would love to see it get even bigger in October!

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3. My Features: This past month, I was featured on a few different blogs! And I can’t tell you how awesome it feels when someone reaches out and asks you to be a part of their content. The awesome lifestyle blogger Shelly Ray interviewed me for her Table Talk Tuesday series. Check out the interview here. The hilarious expat Tyra wrote a Wednesday feature about me and my SEO tips for bloggers.You can read that post hereAnd the confidence-boosting blogger Kayla Dene mentioned me in one of her blog posts as a helpful resource!

Blog Traffic Breakdown

So, despite the fact that I made more money blogging this month, I actually had fewer page views than last month! 

In September 2017, I had a total of 5,707 page views on my blog and around 3,600 unique visitors in total. As always, the majority of my views came from Pinterest and Facebook, which brought in 1,730 and 1,247 visitors, respectively.

I’m happy to report that I saw a big spike in organic traffic this month and had 463 views from search engines! The rest came from Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

My most popular posts in September:

Blog Income Breakdown

It’s been so interesting to see how my blogging income has changed every month.

Like, even though I made more money through my services in August, I saw a huuuge increase in ad revenue for September!

Let’s take an in-depth look at exactly where I made money this month:

  • Adsense: $135.06 | Towards the end of August, I made the switch from MediaNet to Google AdSense and WOW – that was definitely the right choice! I currently have an ad on my sidebar and one or two in each of my blog posts. I don’t know what kind of ads Google is showing my visitors, but they seem to like them!
  • Bluehost: $340 | This month, I had 4 people sign up for Bluehost using my affiliate link, which brought in a total of $340. Bluehost is the company that I personally use to host my blog. I’ve had nothing but a great experience with them, which is why I always recommend them to my readers!
  • Ebates: $50 | Thanks to an extremely generous referral bonus period, I was able to earn $50 from just TWO referrals on Ebates in September! And that’s not including all of the money this website has saved me over the past month! I have been getting cash back on almost all of my online purchases, including on Amazon and Sephora. It’s added up quite nicely!
  • Fiverr: $75 | When I first started working online a couple of years ago, Fiverr was my only source of income. I think it’s a great place to buy inexpensive yet high-quality online services like logos, writing projects and everything in between. This month, 5 people visited Fiverr through my referral link and bought something on the site.
  • Freshbooks: $14 | This is a must-have for anyone who offers services or products on their blog. I mentioned Freshbooks in my Ultimate Blogger’s Toolkit post and several people have signed up for a 30-day free trial through my link.
  • Grammarly: $0.80 | Can you believe it?! I almost made enough money to buy a small coffee at Tim Hortons this month through Grammarly! Regardless of the commission amount, I’m happy to promote services that I love using. And Grammarly is definitely one of those services. Four people signed up for the free version of Grammarly through my link, earning me $0.20 each!
  • Linqia: $80 | Earlier this month, I published a post called How to Land Sponsored Post Opportunities. In that post, I talk about writing the perfect pitch and finding the best influencer networks. And Linqia happens to be my favorite! I had 16 people sign up for Linda through my referral link from that post!
  • Tailwind: $45 credit (+ $25 Amazon gift card) | This tool has enabled me to seriously boost my traffic with Pinterest! I talk about it in my Pinterest Strategy post and my Best Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers post. I had a lot of people sign up for the free trial of Tailwind through my referral link and 3 of them bought the paid version. And for referring five paying customers to Tailwind, they gave me a $25 Amazon gift card as a bonus!
  • TrustedHousesitters: $8 | I mean, who doesn’t want to become a house sitter and travel the world for free?! I’ve briefly mentioned the benefits of this service in some of my travel posts and generated several leads to their website, earning me $8 in September.
  • Swagbucks: $15.40 | This is an easy and pretty much mindless way to make some extra cash online! I’ve been able to earn a few gift cards myself just by taking a few surveys and watching a couple videos on this site. This past month, 7 people signed up for Swagbucks through my link, earning me just over $15. And at the moment, I’m in the process of writing a guide on how to actually make money with Swagbucks. Stay tuned!
  • Services: $90 | At the beginning of this month, I changed my brilliant blog audit price from $25 to $30, which definitely resulted in less interest. Because I know that a lot of my readers are just starting out with their blogs and may not want to invest a lot of money yet, I’m bringing my blog audit price back down to $25! If you want to learn more about my audits, click here. And don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list for an even BIGGER discount!

Total Income for September 2017: $853.26

For my fellow Canucks, that’s $1063.97 Canadian Dollars!!

Blog Expenses Breakdown

In last month’s income report, I mentioned that I wanted to invest more into my blog. And I didn’t accomplish that in September. I really want to purchase a course or ebook that will help me with my blogging strategy. So, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

But, I did have one big-ticket purchase related to my blog this month:

  • Blog Hosting: $94.80 | Earlier this month, I renewed my blog hosting with Bluehost for another 24 months. And as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a total fangirl for Bluehost. I always take advantage of their 24/7 live chat and love the fact that they send me freebies all the time, like security upgrades and better features!

October Goals

  • Be more active on Twitter. I’m going to be honest with you, this was one of my goals last month. I wanted to be more active on Twitter and my Facebook page. And while I was definitely more present on Facebook, I barely logged on to my Twitter account this month! *facepalm*  I find it really hard to be consistently active on all social media platforms! And this month, I’m at least going to try and tweet once a day.
  • Comment on more blogs. And reply to more comments on my own blog. Basically, I want to be more engaged in the blogging community. I need to remind myself to comment on blog posts that I find interesting. And in October, I’m going to try my very best to reply to every single comment on my blog. 
  • Create a free course. This has been something that I’ve thought about doing for a while. I want to create a free email course for new bloggers! I’m in the very early planning stages and I don’t want to give anything away just yet. But in October, I definitely want to get the ball rolling on this!

Final Notes

Well, that’s a wrap on my blogging income report for September 2017! And thank goodness for that, because my fingers were starting to get sore!

I really hope that this inspired you to start your own blog (check out my tutorial) or at the very least, start building up your monetization strategy.

Make sure you schedule one of my blog audits or blog coaching chat sessions right now! I can give you real, constructive criticism on your blog AND help you build an unbeatable strategy.

If you have any questionssend me an email! And don’t forget to leave a comment down below and tell me how you plan to make money online next month! 


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