The Best Restaurants in Lviv

Where to eat in Lviv

The restaurant scene in Lviv is a great representation of the city’s diverse culture and history. Whether you are in the mood for Ukrainian or Uzbek – global cuisine is easily accessible in Lviv.

In the old town, you are never more than a few steps away from a unique dining experience. With so many places to choose from, deciding where to eat can be an overwhelming task.

So when you find yourself asking “where to eat in Lviv?” read this guide for ideas and inspiration.

Where to Eat in Lviv: The Best Restaurants

– Arsenal Ribs & Spirits –

Arsenal Ribs Lviv Ukraine

Arsenal Ribs Lviv Menu

Arsenal Ribs and Spirits | Pidvalna St 5, Lviv

Rack of Ribs: 89 UAH

Would you believe me if I told you that the best ribs I ever had were in Lviv?

It’s true.

Housed in a former arsenal inside the old city walls, Arsenal Ribs and Spirits is hands-down the best barbecue restaurant in Lviv. But I wouldn’t recommend bringing your first date here, as things can get messy.

There is one rule inside this restaurant: no utensils allowed!  

Everything has to be consumed using just your hands. This might sound easy if you plan on just eating the ribs. But if you decide to order a soup or mashed potatoes – make sure you put on one of their quirky bibs.

Arsenal Ribs and Spirits opened in May 2016 and has quickly become of the most popular restaurants in the city.  The main dish – ribs, are sourced from local farmers and prepared fresh on the rotating grill. In addition to ribs, visitors can also order steak, mackerel and a variety of tasty appetizers or side dishes.


– Gasova Lampa –

Gasova Lampa Lviv Ukraine Review

Gasova Lampa Menu Lviv Ukraine

Gasova Lampa | Virmenska St 20, Lviv

Main Dishes from 84 UAH

Lviv is home to a number of quirky establishments and Gasova Lampa is no exception.

This restaurant-museum hybrid is solely dedicated to the invention of the kerosene lamp.

During my visit, I chose to sit outside, amongst hanging kerosene lamps and the famous sculpture, which attracts many tourist groups – be prepared to be in the background of some photos.

If you choose to sit inside, expect dim lighting, loud alternative music and the smell of kerosene.

The menu features a number of traditional Ukrainian dishes, including juicy pork sausages, crispy schnitzel and creamy cheesecake. Be sure to try the “Chemical Experiments” – shots of liqueur that are served in test tubes.   


– House of Legends –

House of Legends Lviv Review

HOUSE OF legends menu lviv ukraine

House of Legends | Staroievreiska St 48, Lviv

Main Dishes from 66 UAH

This historic house gives visitors insight into the mysterious legends of Lviv.

Once you enter, your visit to an ordinary restaurant quickly turns into a mystical journey as you climb up spiral staircases and walk through the different rooms, each with their own interesting design.  

During my visit, I sat in the Lion’s room, which had lion’s feet poking through the ceiling and framed pictures on the wall of the many lion statues in Lviv.

The menu has the perfect amount of options. I recommend trying one of their speciality dishes, which are served in clay pots. We tried the borsch, chicken thighs and potato pancakes with pork – all of which were very flavourful!

If you decide to visit the House of Legends, make sure you check out the observation deck on the roof, where you’ll find a panoramic view, a car with wings and the famous chimney sweep statue. You might notice people throwing coins at the statue – local legend has it that whoever throws a coin into the statue’s hat will bring home happiness and success.

This is after all, the House of Legends.


– Chaikhana Samarkand –

Chaikhana Samarkand Lviv Ukraine

Chaikhana SamarkandPekarska St 48, Lviv

Main Dishes from 42 UAH (Menu)

My first taste of Uzbek cuisine was in Ukraine. Who would’ve thought?

A short walk outside of the old town, you might get lost trying to find Chaikhana Samarkand, which is located in the basement of an unassuming building. Once you find it, you won’t be disappointed.

This intimate restaurant features vibrant interiors and personable staff – something that can be hard to come across in Ukraine.

Although I don’t have anything to compare it to, I feel confident in saying that Chaikhana Samarkand serves up some delicious and traditional Uzbek food – which includes a lot of bread and noodles. This is a great option if you’re searching for vegetarian restaurants in Lviv.

Each dish was very flavourful and hearty. My advice is to come early, as dishes are available on a first come, first served basis. This is definitely one of the best cheap eats in Lviv. 


– Pizza Celentano –

Pizza Celentano Lviv

Pizza Celentano | Various Locations

Main Dishes from 80 UAH

You can find this well-established pizza chain all over Lviv.

And for good reason – the food is delicious!

Although there is a Pizza Celentano conveniently located on Rynok Square, I chose to visit one just outside the old town centre, located at the bottom of the Ibis Styles Lviv. This particular location is far less busy and has colourful outdoor seating.

The menu at Pizza Celentano features a wide array of Italian-style dishes including pizzas, pastas and salads. During my visit, we ordered a Hawaiian Pizza, Diabola Pizza, Caprese Salad and a litre of the Berry Lemonade (which might have been the best part).

The pizzas had a deliciously thin and crispy crust. The toppings tasted fresh and the sauce was light. The best part?

This is definitely one of the best cheap eats in Lviv.

– What’s your favourite restaurant in Lviv? –


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